Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Truth About Ticket Timelines

In my article on Tickets I explained that sometimes the time frame you had in mind can end up being thrown out the window.  Often goals get pushed aside due to other needs within your unit and you're left scrambling.  If you think your ticket has become unattainable get with your mentor IMMEDIATELY and start working on an alternative ticket.  It's a fairly simple process and will prevent you hitting 17 months and 15 days and having a nervous breakdown.  We don't want to have to explain to the ER doc that you had a heart attack because you realized you procrastinated too long on your Wood Badge Ticket.

Often your ticket items are going to end up linked to your unit's calendar. Offering a merit badge needs to be slid in, developing an event can get bounced around.  Get ready to be flexible and embrace chaos or, as we say in our home, "Semper Gumby!" 

While it appears that most people who take Wood Badge have their ticket items unexpectedly bumped back, mine...well.....they took a leap in the other direction.

The goal I'd planned to do in July (1 month away) has been rescheduled for 2 weeks from now.  The goal I'd planned to finish in August was requested to be presented at a meeting this upcoming Sunday. The goal I'd planned to finish in November due to some tweaking will now be finished within 2.5 weeks.

So....I asked our Scoutmaster if I could get bumped up in the merit badge schedule to July and it looks like I may finish my ticket in record time.....2 months or possibly a bit less from when I finished the course. 

The good news is I am going to make this happen - no matter what.  The bad news is I'm going to be making huge personal and family time sacrifices to get it all done.  The best news is that just as I promised I am embracing the chaos, rolling with the punches, and truly living "Semper Gumby" as my family watches me race to the finish line.

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